World Women Global Council

Elsa Mouseigan

Elsa Moushegian grew up in Veracruz Mexico. She graduated from the University of Tamaulipas as a Doctor of Dentistry, and later received her Orthodontics Degree. She has lived and worked in Dallas since 1991. She received her Spanish Master Degree from University of North, Denton. She is a proud mother of three children. Taught Spanish languages to all ages. Studying the Spanish language and Culture has taken her to many enriching cities in many different countries, Moushegian said. Some of the world finest authors are Hispanic or Latin descent. Learning a second language, a third, or more languages will enhance intellectual and social development.

Professor Moushegian has been teaching Spanish at the community College since 1999.

Her efforts to promote and educate Hispanics through educational outreach programs through church and college initiatives spans for more than a decade. Her passion is to give voice and vision to the immigrant women and help political leadership capitalize the incredible women power and understand how one woman in the family can change future generation.

She believes that WWGC is the right place to bring the voices of the women and understand the common roots from where we all come. I have found WWGC as one of my platform to deliver.