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How many times have you heard that in order to change you must have awareness first?  You must be conscious to your surroundings, your habits, your beliefs, your patterns, your words, and your behaviours?  Even so, because you have awareness, this does not mean that your situation automatically changes.  In general, action must take place.

Making the unconscious conscious when it comes to unresolved or hidden past grievances, trauma, and pain can be enough to resolve anxiety or other mood disorders; but, in general, there is always work, action, or energy that needs to be put forth to create new habits or thoughts that serve the present situation.Awareness is the precursor to change; but action must take place for things to be and look different. The thing is most individuals have great intention.  However, they do not have consistent effort in making these positive habits or finding out why some habits (conscious or unconscious) hold them back or get in their way. Carving out any new pattern is never easy and support is always needed to stay on track because life gets in the way.  We become busy at doing things, and when we look back at what we have done, it’s never something towards are intentions, goals, or dreams.  Next thing you know it, life slips through our fingers.

Take planning a vacation.  When we do this, we are totally present and aware of our intentions.  We take full action in our plans.  Many of us put forth much energy to establish where we want to go; what hotel we want to stay in; what activities we plan on doing; what restaurants are in the area so we know where we can dine.  We research how much it will cost; if there are any cancelation fees; the cost of insurance; emergency plans; babysitters, if needed; and car rentals.  I’m sure you can see what I am getting at.  We do this for planning a vacation because we are excited.  We can’t wait to go see the Bahamas or the Alps.  We are determined nothing is going to get in our way.  Funny thing is, I wonder what it would be like if we put forth this much energy, excitement, and determination into planning our lives: our educational path, our healing process, our emotional and mental wellbeing, our families, etc.  Not to the point of inflexibility, though.

So when it comes to creating awareness of old limiting beliefs or limiting patterns of habit, why do we have so much resistance?  The thing is, if we created awareness to our patterns that hold us back and then created new pathways, just think about the amazing possibilities that would begin to surround us.  Awareness of the things lurking within us from the beliefs we hold, may be a bit scary to face; but it is much more freeing than the resistance we try to hold onto.

There are always obstacles and trying emotions that can get in the way.  Honestly, that is just life.  Overwhelm, distractions, and stresses are part of it.  What’s important, though, is to take one step at a time and continue moving forward even though in those moments it seems like the process is taking forever or the curves of life are taking you (as it seems) in another direction.In the end, awareness is the precursor to change.  Nevertheless, awareness – focus – action – and persistence creates momentum to a life you desire.