World Women Global Council

More and more women are entering the once male-dominated field of business by owning their own small business. Businesswomen face unique challenges; they must deal with the gender gap while also tackling common business obstacles. And for women owning small businesses, it can be a struggle to expand their reach globally. However there are some things that the owner of a small business can do to reach global clients.Expanding to global clients has a lot of benefits for a small business. Obviously, it can turn into a great profit. But it can be challenging when the business is small. Here are some basic tips especially for immigrant women when reaching out.

  1. Use the Internet
  2. a) This is the most obvious. Businesses can use the internet to reach people all over the world. There are ample opportunities for reaching new clients with social media. Facebook, twitter, blogging – use all of these to get more clients!
  3. Start Simple
  4. a) Expanding your business can be a daunting task. Don’t take on too much, instead start with a simple goal. Focus on one thing you want to expand on, then work on that, instead of focusing on multiple things.
  5. Think Big
  6. a) There’s been research that says that businesswomen often don’t think big enough when starting their business, which helps create a wage gap between businesswoman and businessmen. Businesswomen keep themselves from growing their business by keeping their business goals small and manageable. If you want to expand, you’ll have to think big, so you can work towards that goal and not limit yourself.
  7. Learn from Other Women
  8. a) This is perhaps the most important. Being a businesswoman is hard – they face discrimination simply because of their gender, and if the woman is non-white, there’s even more cause for discrimination. So for small businesswomen its important to learn from other women. If possible, gain a mentor who can help you navigate the world of business. Other women who have done this before you can be invaluable to your success.

As more and more women start creating their own businesses, whether big or small, our world will gradually shift. It’s a challenging task, however, to start your own business, much less expand to reach global clients, but now is the perfect time to do it. With the internet at your finger tips and your mind set on a task, it is possible and very rewarding.