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Not everyone has the ease of connecting to the emotion called joy.  Many of us ‘assume’ that this emotion comes natural for all of us.  I have done a bit of research into why a few of us have to work at this connection.  For instance, many individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to war […]

“Listen,” to Love, Understand, and Accept

When working with individuals with mental health and emotional issues, it’s important to give them love, understanding, and acceptance.  Far too often, society slides these individuals into a black book, silently gossiping about them yet showing a good front for their own egocentrism and a well deserved pat on the back from others.  Thus, mental […]


There are so many wonderful shares on the social media networks. It’s great to see various positive quotes about healing to support our community, family, friends, or neighbors.  Reminding others to be optimistic and positive can raise them from a place of despair to, at least, a glimpse of light or hope; and, that is […]


When you feel worthless, looking in the mirror and reminding yourself that you are beautiful is not going to happen. Being told that you are special, you have the light inside of you, and to appreciate your value in life is something that worthless feeling individuals cannot relate to. And, the more you say this, […]

Permission to be the true you

Many of us have a difficult time giving ourselves permission to be who we really are in character, career choice, hobbies, and even our hopes and desires. Unintentionally, we endeavour to be something we are not, and we strive to meet others’ aspirations even in a place of service.  Thus, these aspirations are not birthed […]

Most Powerful Tool to Support Others

Do you remember the last time you acknowledged someone? Do you remember when the  last time you acknowledged you? To acknowledge something or someone means to recognize as being valid or true in that moment.  A simple example (and years ago) is when  my son, Paul, rode his bicycle without falling.  I acknowledged him for […]

Your Voice Matters

Self-expression keeps us healthy.  The fact is, though, some women have not been given justice to live with self-expression and, in the end, have lost their uniqueness as a self-directed woman.  Domestic violence, psychological and physical abuse, and sexual exploitation are some of the ways to inhibit a woman’s self-expression. Living in an oppressive environment, […]

The Microcosm to Penn State Child Sex Abuse

Wolverton writes in The Chronicles of Higher Education stating that according to the 267-page independent report released on July 12th 2012, “A reverence for football was largely to blame for a series of missteps by to Pennsylvania State University administrators in failing to report repeated allegations of child sex abuse by Jerry Sandusky” (2012).   […]

Beneath the Appearance of Capitalism

“Competitive capitalism, allied with a culturally sanctioned acquisitiveness and driven by calculated pursuit of profit, is only at surface a rational form of society. Beneath the appearance of dispassionate practicality is a deep and suppressed conflict between the mechanical regulation of daily life on the one hand, and human imagination, creativity, and emotion on the […]

Balance Creates Harmony in Mind and Body

Moving through my abnormal psychology course, I found it extremely challenging (in the emotional sense). I had a difficult time keeping my boundaries – by keeping my emotions in check – from the material read. In a very real sense, I related to many of the psychopathological disorders. Having family members that have some psychopathologies, […]