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Nine Hundred and Thirty Four Words on Womanhood

During various moments in my life I have been described as the following: brassy, bossy, collaborative, funny, plump, voluptuous, sweet, bitch, intelligent, naive, rapacious, laid back, arrogant, humble, tigress, galumphy (made-up word, but just sound it out. It’s self explanatory), self-righteous, intense, narcissistic, transcendent, maternal, mean, evolved (I know, I shook my head on that […]

This particular piece made me a few enemies

Lately, when I meditate, questions plague me. Perhaps plague is not the right word, as there is a negative connotation to it. Plague makes one think of rats and fleas and medieval London streets piled high with rotting corpses. I think I should say, questions arise unbidden and seep into my consciousness and niggle at […]

What a real friendship is…???

I have this friend, well, alright, she’s not really a friend, because friend is an inadequate word to describe her relation to me. This small, yet weighty, word that people use far too frivolously to describe their various associations, does not begin to encompass the gorgeous expanse of this relationship. When I first met her, […]

Sunny with a Suspicion of Peace

I was walking home from the beach when I realized I was smiling for no reason. Nothing funny had happened, I wasn’t thinking about anything or anyone specifically. I stood still and realized that I was happy and then boom! It happened, the worst thing I could do. I got all nervous about preserving this […]