World Women Global Council

Media Advocacy Training

The interactive workshop module introduces the Media Essentials Toolkit. This toolkit highlights some of the reasons why the media needs to be a focus of gender activism. Understanding the media’s various roles, power, influence and it’s role in effecting change are essential for any type of advocacy that aims to change the media.

Online Life Skills Certificate

Our Online Certificate training programs on personal growth by various experts enable women of all ages from every walk of life to thrive in their respective leadership roles. We also have specific programs for parents who are the first leaders and role models for their children and whose resilience builds social capital against all odds.

Entrepreneurship to Impact

We offer this pioneering workshop in person and online. We introduce the basics of entrepreneurship and social impact strategy including key concepts, an overview, and the tools to become a change maker. Students learn how to create and design new ideas and new organizational forms to implement those ideas.

Leadership Communication

Our Women’s Executive Certificate Leadership Program© provides business and leadership skills to young women. We teach them important skills to become socially conscious entrepreneurs, media advocates or add a cultural and strategic leadership skill set to drive their own success.