World Women Global Council

Founder's Message

Welcome Friends and Supporters,

During my summer vacations as a teenager, I witnessed the crushing poverty and cruel abuse of children and women daily. I observed the devastating economic plight as well as the wrongful cultural and religious subjugation of women in South Asian regions. I just couldn’t sit back and watch life unfold in such painful manner. I started teaching victims of abuse and neglect to combat fear and unfair treatment towards girls. Often, we want to serve our communities, and bring our best talents and strengths so we can strengthen the platform we choose to impact. While education is a critical first step, what we do best at WWGC, is help cultivate the core skills needed to exercise leadership that is sustainable and impactful. Young women are seeking skills to manage conflict, embrace healthy criticism, grace to own their mistakes and resilience to respond when things don’t go as planned.  It is this internal navigation that we tend to ignite, so they can become powerful and confident to address the issues of gender equity with executive skills in areas of financial empowerment, business technology and media advocacy. Together, we hope to bridge the representation gap in political corporate and STEM industries.

WWGC is an answer to hope for many women. I founded WWGC because I understand the need for guidance, motivation, support, and resources as an immigrant and women of color.

I say to you: take courage and choose not to be just a number! Take steps to transform your mind, so you can transform your actions, your life, and ultimately, your destiny! I wish that for myself, and I wish that for every woman. I hope you will be our supporter and ally in the change we all wish to see in the world.


Dilshad Dayani (Ed.D)

World Women Global Council
Be the Power of Change

Diversity Statement

“We believe that the diversity of our community is a fundamental strength of our region. Our mission is best fulfilled when we embrace diversity as a value and a practice.”

Strategic Approach

There are 25 million K-12th grade girls in the United States. If you combine the efforts of all the national organizations that target this demographic, we are only reaching about three million, or about 12% of girls. That means 22 million girls in the US are missed.

Our Leadership programs aim to collaborate and complement the efforts to close the gender gap.

Leadership  *  Advocacy  *  Diversity  *  Philanthropy
It’s not just our tagline. It’s at the core of everything we do.