World Women Global Council



Immigrant Professional Excellence Award
Dr. Dilshad Dayani, President/Founder, World Women Global Council

Honoring an immigrant who has demonstrated significant professional achievements in their field and whose advancements in their field have positively impacted their profession or community. Each year, Cowles & Thompson and sponsors recognize and honor exceptional immigrant individuals who have chosen to make this country their home and who have demonstrated leadership in business, a chosen profession or in the civic arena at the annual Immigrant Journey Awards Luncheon.  The luncheon is held in June in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month.

The goal of the Immigrant Journey Awards Program is to honor and celebrate immigrants whose achievements will serve as a role model and an inspiration to all who reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, regardless of their land of birth.  The program also raises scholarship funds for immigrant or first generation American high school students.

Our World Media Magazine Awards – WWGC Founder “Global Women Advocate”


Women Owned Businesses

WWGC founder recently launched her book on culture, conformity, success and women. A paradox paradigm, that opens dialogue and discussion as to why we should be questioning our culture, values, norms and traditions amongst globalization of economies, values, and lifestyles.

This book was the underlying theme of the Honored Panel Discussion at the UN “Confronting Success within Cultures” with notable women Trailblazers, Marie Wilson, Founder of White House Project, Dr. Nafis Sadiq, Highest Ranking Women at the UN, and many other dignitaries. The thought provoking discussion brought conformity and compliance into perspective taking account of our everyday lives and struggles! Book Link Gender, Culture and Prescription of  Success