World Women Global Council

Media Outreach

The media (television, radio, print media, the internet, and email) play a significant role in spreading information and raising awareness on a certain issue. The various formats enable us to influence and change public opinion and behavior on a certain stance. This can lead to public pressure on the local policy actors, so the media can indirectly influence decision makers as well. Furthermore, the media can play a role as an advocacy tool by engaging other organizations and enhance the role of resource mobilization. WWGC’s Media Advocacy Initiative developed a broadcasting module to empower women, especially immigrant communities. The radio show and podcast empowered more than 60,000 listeners nationally and brought cultural resource experts and best practices to diverse women and communities.In print journalism, WWGC brought global bloggers together on a platform to narrate their stories and promote cross-cultural exchange.

Our Executive Leadership Program provides young women a platform to share their experiences and connect with larger audiences by exploring personal advocacy issues and inspiring stories. WWGC also started a youth media platform via radio to help build culturally sound communication strategies between parents and children. The objective was to enhance listening skills and effective use of verbiage when understanding each other’s perspectives. Our ongoing programs and collaborative efforts such as Media Advocacy Toolkit and Training will help disseminate right resources and tools to our new activists and social entrepreneurs who will play a significant role in influencing facts and discouraging fake news.