World Women Global Council


As part of promoting and publicising our website we have used some pictures of some known personalities. This does not necessarily mean that we are associated with them. These persons/personalities are and have been our inspiration. We use images/photographs for use on the updated WWGC website, the top slider and the top menu bar, BLOGS, and our Image Gallery. At no time will any personality’s name appear beside their publicised photograph apart from the ones who are currently on our Board or who are on the Advisory Board and therefore there is no risk that we are displaying their phone number or email addresses. We in no way will disclose any information about these personalities more than what is available on our site or on any of the Search engines. We hope that you will support us in sharing all of the excellent work of the WWGC that we are doing across various communities but if you do have any concerns/questions on the use of images then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.