World Women Global Council

Leadership Communication

Our Women’s Executive Certificate Leadership Program© provides business and leadership skills to young women. We teach them important skills to become socially conscious entrepreneurs, media advocates or add a cultural and strategic leadership skill set to drive their own success. This practical training helps them understand and learn from experts and veterans from various industries. These young women learn how to address challenging aspects of organizational communication, work-life balance, negotiation skills, technology in social entrepreneurship, and personal advocacy.


Our 21st Century Leadership programs are designed to:

  1. Develop awareness of leadership styles and communication
  2. Explore decisive conflict resolution tactics
  3. Learn basic technology tools to launch social entrepreneurship ventures
  4. Understand the power of social media and digital citizenship in social justice
  5. Building a network for professional growth

Our Themes for 2017-2018

  1. Technology and Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Media Advocacy and Social Justice
  3. Public Speaking and Business Skills
  4. Leadership and Personal Advocacy


Leadership and Innovation will engage students in an international community of future leaders, combining engaging instruction, international speakers, case studies and personal reflections with hands-on learning. It challenges students to collaborate, debate, think critically and develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills. This program gives students the tools to discover their potential as innovative business leaders, refine their critical and design thinking skills and assist those interested in the launch of their digital product or service idea by the end of the session.