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A recipe by: Ann Corwin, Ph.D.


#1 Understanding how you were mothered.

#2 Deciding how you want to mother?

#3 Setting goals for your child’s scrapbook.

#4Teach your child all the lessons you wish you would have learned.

#5 Don’t be afraid to learn from your children.

#6 Comfort them with boundaries and limits.

#7 Love them enough to let them learn to love others.

#8 Be strong enough to listen to your own instincts.

#9 Appreciate the positive side of your child’s personality.

#10 Mix all these up for a lifetime.

What you get = A memorable Mom!!

From the office of Ann Corwin, Ph.D. and author of “Parenting Passport”.

The Pocket discipline guide to teach parents how to plan for Parenting!