World Women Global Council

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower diverse female leaders by promoting identity capital, psychological capital, and social capital with core values, resources, equity outlook and financial skill set, so we can achieve equal representation in corporate and political leadership.

Our Values

Principle of lifelong learning:
We must constantly update our skills and knowledge to improve our industry and expand leadership.

Through collaboration, we maximize our impact, drive cross-sector innovation, and generate improved outcomes.

Courageous thought leadership:
We are energized and empowered by diverse perspectives and possibilities.

We prioritize and value each connection and act with the highest ethical and moral standards in each interaction.

We create a diverse comfortable environment that is safe, secure, and a place to be ourselves.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all women are able to experience equity in social, political and economic terms. We foresee women leaders as a solution to the world’s most challenging issues. We aim to bring together senior executive women from all areas of expertise as mentors and trainers to foster a new generation of female leaders, entrepreneurs and trailblazers.

Our Sustainable Impact Philosophy

WWGC believes that in order to promote sustainable empowerment, we need to incorporate inclusivity, integrity and engage with the primary influencers. Research shows that parents and teachers are the most powerful mentors, from birth all the way through high school.

WWGC believes everyday relationships such as negotiation, personal advocacy; conflict resolution and communication tools can open opportunities for change. These skills are vital for each and every woman we reach.