World Women Global Council

Entrepreneurship to Impact


We offer this pioneering workshop in person and online. We introduce the basics of entrepreneurship and social impact strategy including key concepts, an overview, and the tools to become a change maker. Students learn how to create and design new ideas and new organizational forms to implement those ideas. Students who complete this course will be better prepared to launch social impact ventures related to the service or manufacturing industries. By engaging in experiential learning and student-centered activities, we intend to motivate and nurture the passion to help them define technical areas of how the conceptual process can unfold into reality. Students move through the four stages: Define Design, Pilot, and Scale. When they’ve completed these stages, the students turn their passion for changing the world into concrete plans by designing a nonprofit or for-profit venture to achieve a social goal. Our training gives students the skills to think systematically through problems, develop and test solutions, assess risk, competition, and performance, and spread impact in a way that is financially sustainable.


This course is intended as an introduction for individuals who want to learn how to mobilize resources, solve complex social problems by using principles of sustainability, scale, and value. Some students may develop a new venture, while others may be “intrapreneurs” who work to create systematic change within an existing for-profit, non-profit, community, or school organization.