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Dr. Ann Corwin

Dr. Corwin has made it her life’s work to develop practical parenting programs for parents and children. With a Ph.D. in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and Masters Degree in Education and over twenty five years of experience in parenting consulting and child development education, she has helped thousands of parents – with children ages birth to five years and beyond.Her parenting skills development workshops and parent coaching programs have immediate solutions to child discipline behavior issues such as hitting and biting, respect and discipline, poor sleeping habits, relationships and school, toilet learning, new siblings and sibling rivalry, separation anxiety and much more.She has appeared in television on PBS station KCET-A Place of Our Own, COX Cable, and call-in consulting with viewers. In addition, her work has been published in Journals, Cookie Magazine, Simple Life Magazine, and newspapers across the country. Known as an authority in her field of parenting counseling, she has worked with professional national groups.

Her video links on you tube… on temper tantrum