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It’s a mom who doesn’t do everything right all the time.
It’s feeling guilty about how she talked to her kids.
It’s wishing she could just ‘get away’ sometimes.

It’s wishing she parented better than her mom did.
It’s praying that her children get through tough stages.
It’s second-guessing if her ‘gut’ instincts are right.

It’s understanding that making mistakes is mothering.
It’s trying to juggle work, kids, food, fun, discipline & her personal life.
It’s trying to find time to play with her kids & find time for herself.

It’s being bored, tired, excited, frustrated and still loving her kids.
It’s hoping her kids’ future is brighter than her own.
It’s wondering if other moms judge her for how she is raising her kids.

If I could wave a magic wand, here’s what I would hope for all moms. When a mom sees another mother struggle, stop and give the struggling mother the support you wish you’d have on your worst days of mothering.

Then remember that no mother is exempt from feelings of frustration or trying as hard as they can to manage their kids. After all, all kids really need to know is that their mom loves them and is trying her hardest to be the best mother possible.

Keeping all that in mind, if you hear a mother criticize another mother, step in and say something like, “You know I bet she’s had a tough day and all she needs is for the rest of us moms’ to give her a little support and comfort, since we’ve been there and done that too”.

Showing tolerance by using these simple words will build a stronger parenting community!

Food for thought from one mother to another.