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Mothers, have you ever wondered why the father of your children doesn’t seem to be watching them even though you’ve asked if he would? You walk into the family room and Dad’s watching the football on T.V. while your child has wondered off alone to the opposite side of the room.

The next conversation may go something like this…Mom says to Dad, ”You said you’d watch him, but he’s way across the room and could get in trouble or hurt”. Dad says to Mom, “He’s fine, I can see him playing over there and I’ve been telling him about line backers and he loves it”!

Both Mom and Dad are right, but the way they see their children are from very different perspectives and that’s the way it should be!

The facts are that Dads can have their children move away from them six times further than Moms without any hormonal responses at all.

This is why families need fathers.
Fathers, by allowing their children to explore the world as they move away from them teach basic trust. Because as the child takes simple, safe risks they learn that they are capable of doing things on their own. This builds their confidence and trust in their own abilities.

Moms on the other hand, as soon as their children literally leave their bodies at birth release maternal hormones that drive them to look for, touch and hold that child immediately. So children learn they are safe, how to stop themselves and get the comfort they need.

So celebrate Father’s every day of the year and the irreplaceable part they play in raising children!

If you are in the Sacramento area this June, 18th, Saturday and want to learn more about the importance of fathering come to Dr. Ann’s keynote address at the “Celebrating Families” conference. Register: (209) 754-6914