World Women Global Council

Self-expression keeps us healthy.  The fact is, though, some women have not been given justice to live with self-expression and, in the end, have lost their uniqueness as a self-directed woman.  Domestic violence, psychological and physical abuse, and sexual exploitation are some of the ways to inhibit a woman’s self-expression.

Living in an oppressive environment, many children and women are forcefully pushed down and silenced.  This behavior, then, becomes them.  They continue to protect themselves by keeping quiet, and, of course, in extreme situations this is tremendously important.  As a result of not expressing their needs and desires, though, their vibrancy for life dies.  Their messages get diluted, distorted, or completely lost.  When a woman’s voice is restrained, she eventually loses her sense of self.  In the same way a mother or a wife who gets lost in her role begins to lose her identity.  Eventually, her restricted voice begins to take a toll on her mental and emotional health.  She may succumb to depression and anxiety or behaviours such as over-reacting, self-destruction, or passivity.

The expression of one’s individuality is a human right.  However, in some situations, cultures, and communities, our human right to self-express is still oppressed.  The longer one inhibits to express themselves fully and truly, the fire of fear burns greater.  Self-worth declines while depression, anxiety, and anger grow.  On the other hand, when you express your individuality fully, whether it is asking for what you need, reaching for your dreams, or standing up for what you believe in, you are actually treating yourself with self-respect, self-love, and self-acceptance.  Self-expression is not about giving up the people that you love.  It is a way to set healthy boundaries with others that may be taking advantage of you (whether explicitly or implicitly).  It is a way for a woman to take control of her life and design it as she chooses.  This is extreme self-care, and this is why speaking your voice matter.  By speaking your voice, you cultivate your inner-richness and beauty of being a powerful and free woman.

Speaking your voice matters; thus, speak your voice fully.  Reclaim your integrity through self-expression.  Self-love and self-respect will spontaneously arise. To move through life’s chaos and an oppressive environment, you need to dig deep and grab onto every ounce of determination and perseverance and know that life can be better. As difficult as it may feel to express yourself fully, you can decide to take action to heal your life today and rediscover who you really are.