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Choice: How can you be a Catalyst for Change

The Dalit population face horrible discrimination because of their low social status. The women are doubly harassed because of their status and their gender. The word Dalit is Sanskrit for “oppressed” or “downtrodden”. It also translates into “the crushed people”. This is certainly reflective of the abuse that the Dalits receive. They are the “untouchables” […]

My Right to be Human

1.Female genital mutilation: (FGM) This is perhaps the most disturbing abuse done to women. FGM is a procedure that removes either part or all of a woman’s external genitalia. This is often practiced in Africa, especially in rural areas. There are several reasons for the practice of FGM; it is generally a cultural tradition and […]

Women Owned Bussinesses

More and more women are entering the once male-dominated field of business by owning their own small business. Businesswomen face unique challenges; they must deal with the gender gap while also tackling common business obstacles. And for women owning small businesses, it can be a struggle to expand their reach globally. However there are some […]

The Importance of Building Trust With Our Clients

The Importance of Building Trust With Our Clients  In today’s world people love to shop. We love to buy things, whether it be a high-definition television or even a sandwich from the local grocery store. It is said that we are the generation of consumerist, with people constantly buying new technologies and the latest products. […]

Christmas- Holy day, Holiday and Entry into American culture

Christmas is a magical time…cookies, reindeer, mistletoe, and please please please don’t forget the presents under the tree.   As Americans, we are so caught up in the holiness and sparkle of the Christmas season that we simply don’t realize that for many non-Christians in the United States, and especially for many recent immigrants, the festivities […]

Pay Inequality~ battle of the sexes or family empowerment! ER

Politicians, social scientist, gender specialists and feminist have been discussing and debating about gender pay inequity for decades. However the bottom line remains is unchanged, men still earn more than woman. According to an article written by Claudia Goldin entitled “Change the Gender Pay Gap, Change the Way We Work”, published in Bloomberg News, as […]

Parenting in a GLOBAL CULTURE

My goal was to interview at least four Asian mothers (see below why I chose Asian families), and I have the honor of dialoguing with four Asian daughters. To my surprise, the results of the interviews were exactly what I expected. For the last couple of years, there have been many dialogues, articles, etc. written […]